Our evangelistic events include holding mass evangelistic outreaches worldwide as well as mission trips to third world countries (developing countries) and areas difficult to reach.
For example Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world, a country with 17,000 islands of which 13,000 are populated. By God’s grace we have an open door.


Voice in the City are involved in evangelistic healing meetings as well as healing schools and seminars.

We believe God is the Healer and His people need to learn to simply act upon and respond to this truth. In these healing schools, we endeavour to teach people how to pray for the sick and receive their healing. These meetings are motivational and evangelistic, with a focus on healing.

City Taking

The strategy for our City Taking events is as follows:

Prayer Preparation
– Making the project known through newspaper, internet and various other forms of advertisement
– Providing a Hotline for help services
– Training of the participants for the practical outreaches
– Servant-hood Evangelism (visiting people in their homes and helping them in practical ways).
– Evangelistic events with different teams, as well as one to one interaction
– Culminating in evangelistic meetings with the main focus on healing the sick
– An intensive follow-up program

We have always believed that when the voice of God’s people is heard in a city, the voice of God is presented in that city. We believe in motivating and mobilising the body of Christ to concentrated prayer and servant-hood evangelism for their community.

Latest News

The essence of prayer 

“What an awesome weekend we had at our Prayer Conference! We experienced something special with Dr. Gayle Claxton guiding us through the essence of prayer and unveiling the four key pillars. Now, armed with this wisdom, we’re ready for a year filled with heartfelt and specific prayers. It was a huge blessing and one thing…

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Vision 2024 – we start with vision and passion

by Dr Gayle Claxton Dear Friends Greetings from our office in Frankfurt, Germany. Christmas is behind us and now we look forward to a New Year fulfilling the dreams and purpose of life. We pray the same for you – that 2024 will be a year of visions, hopes and dreams, where you will come…

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Will you do it again?

Written by Dr Rev. Suzette Hattingh God asked “Will you do it again? Will you go through the land and raise up prayer again for the Nation of Indonesia like you did in 1994-1997?” I instantly recognised the voice of the Lord I knew what He asked of me, but could I do it? Out…

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Relevant Frankfurt Connect – 18-11-23

by Kaleb Negassi On November 18, 2023, our seventh Frankfurt Connect took place at the Feg Gemeinde. The evening was led by the Holy Spirit from beginning to end, touching the hearts of the youth. We had 130 participants from different churches, along with many helpers who assisted us throughout the day. The day began…

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Visiting South Africa for ministry

Written by Dr Rev. Suzette Hattingh and Dr Gayle Claxton Dr Suzette Hattingh together with Dr Gayle Claxton recently were in South Africa for ministry. We praise the Lord for what He has done! Here are some highlights of the ministry of Suzette and Gayle: Conference “Connect23”, Pretoria We were grateful to be part of…

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Relevant Youth Night – 30.09.

by Kaleb Negassi On Saturday 30th of September, we had a very blessed “Relevant Youth Night”. The theme of the event was “Created, Wanted, Loved” and through this theme we were able to have deep conversations about the challenges of the youth and show them that they are not alone in their struggles. In the…

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