Our evangelistic events include holding mass evangelistic outreaches worldwide as well as mission trips to third world countries (developing countries) and areas difficult to reach.
For example Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world, a country with 17,000 islands of which 13,000 are populated. By God’s grace we have an open door.


Voice in the City are involved in evangelistic healing meetings as well as healing schools and seminars.

We believe God is the Healer and His people need to learn to simply act upon and respond to this truth. In these healing schools, we endeavour to teach people how to pray for the sick and receive their healing. These meetings are motivational and evangelistic, with a focus on healing.

City Taking

The strategy for our City Taking events is as follows:

Prayer Preparation
– Making the project known through newspaper, internet and various other forms of advertisement
– Providing a Hotline for help services
– Training of the participants for the practical outreaches
– Servant-hood Evangelism (visiting people in their homes and helping them in practical ways).
– Evangelistic events with different teams, as well as one to one interaction
– Culminating in evangelistic meetings with the main focus on healing the sick
– An intensive follow-up program

We have always believed that when the voice of God’s people is heard in a city, the voice of God is presented in that city. We believe in motivating and mobilising the body of Christ to concentrated prayer and servant-hood evangelism for their community.

Latest News

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Summer Conference Finland 2023

Written by Virginia Fech Finland – What an amazing time we had in this beautiful nation. Both Suzette and I were invited to be the main speakers at the Summer Conference that was attended from people from all over Finland as well as the thousands from other Nations that joined via the live stream. God…

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Frankfurt Connect Day – July 2023

A breathtaking day! by Benjamin Fech It was the first time that we had organized a Frankfurt Connect Day and testimonies are now reaching us of all the Lord has done. Today was a breathtaking day and you could see that Jesus was at work. Everyone who needed healing received deliverance from Jesus, and it…

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What does an honorable life has to do with responsibility?

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Your faith is not a private issue

Your faith is not a private issue. Yes it is personal but cannot be private. Why? Because the living out publicly of your faith may well be the catalyst to another person realising that they need Jesus. As you live out your faith it is the public display of the love, the power and the…

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Gayle ministers in Norway

Day 1 What a wonderful start of the Event in Storstua, Norway! Today Gayle spoke about discipleship and the different aspects of it. Jesus speaks in the gospels: “come and follow me” in Matthew 4,19 This is not only an invitation but also his expectation for us and our devotion as Christians. When revival breaks…

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