Relevant – Lemonade Date for Kids & Open Mic for the Youth

by Benjamin Fech

On 25.05.2024, we organized a cool event for children in the afternoon in Günthersburgpark Frankfurt, which we called “Lemonade Date”. In the evening, there was an Open mic for young people, in which many people from different churches and the surrounding areas took part.

For the children’s event, we invited the “Friends of Jesus”, who put together a really cool program and implemented it together with some helpers.

During the “Lemonade date”, many children from the park came along, heard the good news and had lots of fun playing. We had set up several game booths where the kids could run around and play. The best thing about it was at the end, every child received a fizzy drink, a package of Haribo with a little message and a mini Bible.

“Who does God love in particular?” – to illustrate this, Tobias v. Stosch holds a mirror up to the children

The “Friends of Jesus” perform a children’s theater.

After the games, the “Friends of Jesus” performed a few short plays, during which the children danced and laughed. Meanwhile, the parents were able to relax and enjoy the snacks and drinks we had prepared for them. This also gave us the opportunity to talk to some of the parents and get to know them better. At the same time, a few young people from different churches were out and about in the park evangelizing and inviting families to a “lemonade date” or “open mic” event.

In the evening, we had our annual Open mic where everyone could showcase their talent. We had a colorful program with some very talented rap musicians, a beatboxer and an Eritrean dance that unleashed pure joy. It was nice to see some pedestrians and cyclists stop and join us on the grass. Some stayed for most of the evening, listening to creative contributions and testimonies and being encouraged to experience the same.

Of course, there was also delicious food and fellowship. There was a beautiful, open atmosphere in the park and we are sure that many seeds were sown and hearts were touched by the love of Jesus that day.

Everyone was welcome to show their talent.

Our annual Open Mic in Frankfurt.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the churches and helpers who supported us. You were great and without you this would not have been possible.

Together for Jesus in Frankfurt

The Relevant-Team

Our next Youth Event: “Frankfurt Connect” youth service will take place on July 6th at the All Nations Church in Bad Homburg. For more information, please visit our website and look under “Events”.