One of the gifts evident at Voice in the City, is the ability to train the body of Christ. With a long-standing working relationship of over 34 years, Suzette and Gayle have become a team that can adapt and minister in any kind of setting. With the emphasis on training the body of Christ in all forms, Voice in the City desires to teach the everyday-church-member how to grow in the word and walk in the destiny God has for them.

Whether in church gatherings, through seminars and conferences or via online meetings, both Suzette and Gayle have a passion to see the body of Christ strengthen in all aspects of the gospel.

Training Initiatives

We personally invite you to join us for our upcoming meetings. Experience the best God has for you not only in teaching but in the fullness of what the Spirit has for you. Be touched and transformed by Suzette’s teachings and insights into the spiritual and heavenly realms.

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Sensing a desire amongst so many believers to go deeper into the word of God and explore topics that a Pastor may not have time for in a Sunday morning message, God laid it on Gayle Claxton’s heart to start bilingual study courses. Now known as “Transformation,” these powerful teachings consist of studying intriguing topics…

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