“Ignite! Intercession Conference” in Gallneukirchen, Austria

by Virginia Fech

Suzette wrote about this weekend:

We, the Voice in the City team, had the most wonderful time this weekend at the “IGNITE! Intercession Conference” in Austria.

It was the first time in 24 years that I had the chance to minister in Austria again.

Thank you Juliana Bosma and your team from Haus David for hosting the conference!

Lives impacted, fire ignited, commitments renewed in prayer!
God on the move …
Prayer raised for Austria …

Day 4

The intercession conference in Austria came to an end and was complemented with the profound sermon “Do you know what day it is today?” by Rev. Gayle Claxton.

Over the past few days, we learned a lot about intercession and the final sermon gave us another practical example: It is not enough to just go into intercession and stay at home or in our church circles. We were commissioned by God to pass on the gospel. So, we need willingness, faithfulness and commitment – because everyone can reach someone. The gospel and prayer go hand in hand. So, are you ready to pray and to act?

The participants were very touched by the sermon, repented before the Lord and decided afresh to be ready and available to share the gospel in Austria.

Day 3

Suzette went through the different types and characteristics of intercessors and explained how important each one is. This includes the general intercessor, the warfare intercessor, the prophetic intercessor, the watchman and the governmental intercessor. Each one has its own role and its own way of interceding before God. Suzette placed a special emphasis on the priestly intercessor and explained that through Jesus Christ we have been seated in heavenly places and are therefore part of the heavenly prayer meeting with Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

She also spoke about the heart of the intercessor and preached about intercessors in the Bible such as Moses and Abraham. The way they knew God is the way they also prayed. This showed clearly that we can only encounter God in intercession according to the level in which we know Him. “God teach me to know you.”

Day 2

Friday was the second day at the “Ignite! Intercession Conference”. Dr Rev. Suzette Hattingh ministered in the morning, afternoon and evening, so we were taught throughout the day again on the subject of prayer.

We were taught that when we receive prophecies or promises from God, we should not just rest on them. Promises should be prayed out until they are visible. Just as God used prophets (such as Isaiah) to speak to people, God wants to use us to declare His promises about the future in prayer. We have the responsibility to do our part and act and pray according to the words, God has given us.

In the evening the teaching was put into practice. With banners and rejoicing we went before the Lord in intercession and worship.

Day 1

Dr Rev. Suzette Hattingh at the “Ignite! Conference”

The “Ignite! Intercession Conference” in Gallneukirchen, Austria started with a very strong message on revival.

Dr Rev. Suzette Hattingh used Elijah as an example to illustrate that before revival can happen, God must first prepare His servant. – We stand in prayer for Austria and want to see revival, but we cannot expect God to do something without us being prepared. Would we be ready if revival came right now? Before revival comes to the land, God must first change our hearts and minds. So Suzette asked again the question “How ready are you for revival?”

The message was followed by a call to surrender afresh to the Lord. Many of the participants came to the front and received prayer.