26 Years of Voice in the City

On the 1st Jan 2023 it has been 26 years since Suzette and I set out on an adventure and started Voice in the City in the UK and Germany! (Although we already had been working together the previous 11 years with the wonderful Ministry of Christ for All Nations at that time under the leadership of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke who we honour together with his wife Anni.)

We have been through many highs and many lows- We have seen the overflow and also known the walk of Faith trusting God for each penny!

Suzette and I have stood together shoulder to shoulder in the battle and together on our knees in the presence of God as He has moved on our behalf in situations where we saw no way out, but God brought us through The Valley of the shadow of death and the darkest moments His light shone brighter.

We have seen many faithful people stand by our side as we forged the vision laid in our hearts! We are forever grateful for our worldwide board of trustees who have stood with us and supported us all the way. You are a pillar to us! Thank you!

We have seen some called to Voice in the City and others called through Voice in the City – we are grateful for every person God has sent our way! It would be true to say that even in the times of betrayal, hurt and disappointment and deep pain with some that came through the ministry we are thankful that through it all we were able to trust in His Faithfulness.

We thank you our faithful staff that God has sent to us in this season- we believe in Divine “positioning” and each one fills that place no matter your function in the world wide Ministry of VitC.

We believe there is a shifting coming and a new thing will break through not just for Suzette and myself but for you as well – let’s keep our spirits sharp our prayer lives active – our spirits fed with the word of God and keep the discipline of a disciple for the sake of the Vision for the lost before us and we will together grow and you will in God unlock new potential for your calling and destiny.

Thank you Suzette for your unwavering determination to see the plan of God unfold! We honour you in God and thank you for your love care and support to us even when you were hurting you laid aside your pain and served your team in love and compassion! Thank you you are a true example not only to us but thousands around the world!

Rev. Gayle Claxton, Co Founder Voice in the City Ministries

Thank you, Gayle. I could never have built this ministry without you!

I believe God put us together for a purpose, and we had to make that “purpose” work.

I believe the key, was the fact that we flow in our anointings, made room for each other to grow in that anointing yet continued to focus together, on the vision of our ministry with a deep respect for each other.

In our case, our commitment to the Lord and each other as co-labourers just grew stronger and stronger over time. 

It sure has not always been easy, and both would have walked out many times if it was not for the deep conviction of the call, the fear of the Lord, and the commitment to the vision.

I have from the start, and still believe that a leader who feels threatened by his or her co-workers has never understood true leadership. That I always lived, although it took me dying to self repeatedly. 

You remained faithful to your call although you yourself walked through deep valleys of pain yourself, Gayle!

Surely God has spread for you a table in the midst of your enemies.

Your best days are still ahead of you!

But that is what made Voice in the City a Voice to many in the Nations. We turned our pain into a message, and our tears into the example of picking up our cross and continued to follow Him.

And in that God gave us people!

As I have said before, “Friends” are a family we chose ourselves, but a “team” in ministry is a family sent by God!

People respond to the call and the vision.

I am so thankful for those sent for longer and shorter times. All designed by God!

People like a Heike, faithful for so many years, or the elderly couple serving our ministry here in Indonesia, and so the list goes on.

People connecting with us in prayer, teaching, preaching and so the list designed by God goes on! Them leaving footsteps in our lives and us in theirs. May those footsteps carry the mark of the Cross!

I have, but one desire, that my life and conduct will testify of the Christ I serve, not my words or my sermons, but my daily walk for that is the hope of glory in us.  

Gayle, I stand amazed as I look at God’s training in your life. From licking stamps, bringing me water to drink when I preached, to being my successor, one day as I step into Glory.

An Eagle flying the heights of God with the sharpness of the Spirit, and a teaching anointing like few with true faithfulness that marks your life as loyal and true.

Blessed are those that walk in your footsteps. Those who learn from you might have a firm task master but a true role model to follow. They will be formed in character, and thank you later for it.

I look back at our 37 years of walking together side by side, and I can truly say, our steps were and are guided by the Lord, and our respect and love for each other has only grown and deepened.

I look at those God sent us, each a master piece of God in the call of God. May they look back one day in serving this ministry worldwide and say:

“My leaders were firm, forming character with a strong hand but no scandal, compromise or shadow over their names. I can follow Christ as they followed Christ. I have learned from them”.

Rev. Suzette Hattingh, Founder of Voice in the City Ministries