Let’s learn from our faith heroes this year!

It is a brand new year! What are you experiencing when you think about the twelve months ahead? Anticipation? Perhaps a bit of apprehension? One thing is sure, 2023 is fresh and filled to the brim with potential. What will we do with each day God grants us this year? 

Will you explore with our team the wonderful acts of faith of those who inspire us most? Each month, a member of our team will write about a character in the Bible, and how that character’s faith has compelled us to go deeper with Jesus.

Perhaps your mind goes to Hebrews 11, where the heroes of faith are listed.  But aren’t there lessons to be learned from the more obscure Bible characters? People who perhaps are mentioned once, but whose actions impacted generations to come. Yes, Abraham and Moses surely deserve to be mentioned, but how about Rahab? Or Lydia? Or Abigail?

Follow our themed blogs this year for encouragement. We trust that it will bless you, challenge you and build your faith.

Happy New Year, everyone!