God Touched Hearts…

Our Relevant Night on the 28th of January, started with bad news that the heating was not working, and therefore we may need to celebrate our service without heat.  The church rented a heater to warm the place up, and we prayed for a miracle that the heating would turn on.  Indeed, the miracle happened shortly before the official beginning of the evening, and the heating was working again, but nobody knew for how long.

As usual we started the evening with an Icebreaker game and spent time in worship. Gayle then preached on the feeding of the 5000 and that multiplication did not happen when Jesus blessed the food, but when the disciples went into action and shared the food. The question was asked, “What are you prepared to give to God in 2023?“  Just as the disciples brought the bread and fish to Jesus –  it seemed so small and insignificant – Jesus took what they gave and blessed it and GAVE IT BACK TO THEM.  It is the same today for us – Jesus blesses the gift and gives it back to us.  It is then our responsibility to go into action and to share it with others. 

Gayle gave an altar call at the end of the meeting and many responded and came to the front. As a team we prayed for and blessed them. It was an evening of decision to go into action for Jesus and to give Him the whole of their lives. 

We believe that this year, 2023, is of great significance for everyone, and will lay a foundation for the next year or even the whole of their lives. That is why this young generation is on our hearts and we want to disciple and help them to go forward in their calling.

PS: We were amazed the heating was working for the whole evening, and we enjoyed the fellowship with snacks and drinks