Frankfurt Connect

by Benjamin Fech

Wow! What a way to end the year! We are all still overwhelmed by the last Frankfurt Connect that was held on Saturday the 10th of December!

From the start of the evening there was a tangible unity and calmness among our team and we had a great expectation for something profound to happen!

Frankfurt Connect is all about reaching the youth together. This collective goal is evident in our worship team, which consist of members from seven different churches. So many attended for the first time and the room at Urban Lights Church was filled!

We opened the evening with some Icebreakers and David from ICF Wetzlar brought in movement. After that we had a worship time that was filled with prophetic impressions – so much so that we felt that we must change the initial programme. Gayle challenged everyone with her short message about taking steps towards Jesus and asked those who needed prayer to come to the front. Approximately 70 young people came forward for prayer! Many took a decision for Jesus, repented, wept and received a personal word from God. It was evening where heaven touched the earth and many experienced something totally new with God. We are still receiving testimonies from this service and we are more than grateful unto God for what He is doing here in Frankfurt.

Of course, you can´t miss out on fellowship and food on such an evening and that’s why our little Christmas market was flooded. We had Christmas punch, gingerbread, crêpes and savoury snacks and a beautiful Christmas atmosphere. It was festive and perfect.

On behalf of the entire Relevant Team, I want to thank the Urban Lights church for the building, and all youth leaders and helpers for such a wonderful collaboration. We are excited to see what 2023 will bring for Frankfurt Connect. Until then, we wish you merry Christmas and a happy New Year!