FCG Wiesbaden

On the 29th of November Gayle ministered at FCG in Wiesbaden on the topic, “Spiritual awakening and breakthrough – but how?”

The main text was from the feeding of the 5000 from Mark 6: 30-44.

Instead of finding some rest as the disciples hoped, 5000 people were waiting to hear Jesus preach. Desperately trying to get out of this enormous task, the disciples suggested to Jesus that the people should go home because they were probably hungry. What they didn´t expect was Jesus´ answer. He commanded them to feed the people. How can you feed such a big crowd with five loaves and 2 fishes? That is not even enough for one hungry man! Jesus shared the five loaves and the two fish between the twelve disciples, handed it to them and commanded them “to move”. The thoughts that must have crossed their minds in this moment…

You know, Jesus has given us all something- a gift, a promise, a ministry or maybe He has entrusted to us people. It is our responsibility “to move” with what He has given us. Unfortunately the prayer lives of many become dry because they don´t use what God has entrusted to them. We must understand that God will only move and give revival when we start to move ourselves. The disciples only experienced the wonder of multiplication after they went to the people and handed out what Jesus had given them.

Again and again Gayle spoke prophetically into the lives of the people in attendance. Everyone was challenged to exit their respective “comfort zone.” We experienced a strong move of the Holy Spirit with many coming to the front, weeping and repenting. God touched and changed many lives!

What a service and what a powerful message!