Youth Conference in Mulhouse, France

The hall was filled with the smoke of the smoke machines, the different light displays had been tested, and 2,400 seats filled the auditorium – the youth conference in Mulhouse, France was ready to start.

Outside the church building, many youth and young adults stood around laughing and sharing, waiting for the doors to be opened. Their ages were mostly between 17 – 35 years young with the typical look and vibrancy of youth. This event has been hosted every Easter weekend by a local church in Mulhouse for the last 13 years. From many countries and towns in Europe the youth came. This was their weekend, their event and their time with God.

I was greatly honoured to be one of the main speakers at this event. What a joy to impact the youth of today and prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

We experienced worship, dancing, clapping and yet deep conviction. Young people got right with God and with one another by dealing with attitudes that might not have been possible in their own home or even, for some of them, in their own home church. This was indeed an Easter conference with a difference.

I was honoured to conduct three of the main meetings and Gayle Claxton conducted two sessions during the workshops.

On Sunday morning during the main Easter Sunday service, not only was the hall packed with 2,400 people, but approximately 10,000 participants from across the world joined the main service via live streaming. How amazing that we can preach in one place and yet simultaneously impact the world!

Truly the Lord is risen! Once again He changed lives, set people free, healed the sick and filled His own with His wonderful Holy Spirit. This was an Easter celebration with a difference, the commissioning of thousands of young people into the Great Commission. They committed themselves to go to their friends and community with the message of the cross and the power of the resurrection!