Reaching the children in Manokwari

How do you build the next generation? With the children of today that become our leaders tomorrow! But how do you do that when many of them have had hardly any schooling or are illiterate and run around freely with sometimes little to eat?

Surrounded by a rather poor area of town, the Love Papua Centre team based in Manokwari, Papua, Indonesia noticed this desperate need. Many children by the side of the beach are without too much input or care. When our staff approached them, they said, “You live in another world to us” meaning that they did not feel they would be welcomed at the Love Papua Centre! That had to change! Sunday school training with a special children’s event was soon on its way!

From 36 different churches came the 73 participants that attended the four-day long seminar. They learned about being more visual, using simple but effective tools such as balloons and dressing up as clowns but especially about how to put the Gospel across to children.

Soon the voices of approximately 750 children filled the air as they sung their praises to God in our Centre during the special children’s event! From the beach, the neighborhood and surrounding areas they came. This was now also their Love Papua Centre! They are welcome here!

Soon, this will be not just a one-time event but a weekly feeding and teaching programme, for we believe in impacting the leaders of tomorrow!

Thank you for helping us to reach the forgotten and poor. Great will be your reward in heaven!

Together for the lost