Leaders’ Summit in Papua

The 149 participants soon wept, sang, cried and rededicated their lives unto the Lord as the Spirit of the Lord brought revelation to them.

Here are some of the comments of the speakers:

Shalom pastors and ministers of God. I have been given the opportunity to serve at the Christian Leaders Conference in the Love Papua Centre. It is truly a great hope especially for Papua and for Indonesia in general, that the pastors are trained and equipped and then sent back to the fields of God. I see this as a step and a breakthrough for the rise of Papua for Jesus. Before, there was no hope, but now there’s a new hope. Harvest will surely happen in Papua, Indonesia and the nations. God bless you.
Pastor Wiryohadi

The first conference at the Eagles Nest on 9-14 of January 2017 was a God-given answer to many years of dreaming for a new page in the history of Papua and for its future. The Centre is like a mighty mother eagle that sends away its little ones to also become mighty eagles that have no fear of any storm. At that time, I felt that Almighty God visited all of the participants and that they started to comprehend God’s new season. He is getting them ready and equipping them with the things of God that they need to know for these times in which we live! This is a new wave from God who has come to transform Papua to become a great testimony for the world!
Rev. Daniel Pandji, MA

We ministered to leaders from all over Papua some of whom had travelled many miles from the interior to attend the conference. They had come hungry and it was such a privilege to minister to these men and women and to feel their desire and passion for the Lord. At every session, we saw them come to the altar to receive an impartation with tears of gratitude and also of joy. What a blessing to see the Lord working so powerfully in their lives. There is no doubt that as they returned to their towns, villages and communities they did so blessed, encouraged and empowered to minister in the power of the Spirit and to impart to others that which they themselves had received.
Pastor Ken Gott

The accommodation was full to capacity. The new kitchen was in full operation. This tool that God has given was not only dedicated to God but was like a ship sailing its maiden voyage full steam ahead for the glory of God.