Soshanguve, South Africa

Suzette’s first South Africa tour started with ministry in Soshanguve, a very big township about 25 km north of Pretoria. The meetings here were for leaders.

Suzette preached about preparing a highway for God’s glory to come into the land (Isaiah 62:10). A very important point from her sermon was the question, “What are we praying? Are we praying the problems or are we praying the promises God has given us?” Suzette challenged the congregation, “Where is your focus in prayer? Is it on your needs, finances, revival … OR on God?”

Suzette’s message on Friday evening was about the fire of God. She explained clearly the difference between the fire of God and emotions. Suzette said that she was asked what she thinks South Africa would need from God. Her answer might be surprising as she said it is not a shortage of prayer but they need a new wave of the fire of God. “Prayer is passion and when you are passionate about something you will do anything to get the things moving.”

The response was amazing. That message had a deep impact on the people!

On Saturday morning, Suzette shared about prayer that brings forth fruit. Leading them into practical prayer was a true eye opener for people. There was true excitement in the leaders as they understood how to pray the Word of the Lord.