Standerton, South Africa

Standerton is a small town in a province called Mpumalanga, meaning “Place of the rising sun”. It is one of the most agricultural regions in South Africa with mega farms for maize, cattle and sheep. Forty-two years ago, Suzette did her nursing training in the hospital in Standerton. There she gave her life to Jesus.

The very words of the pastor to Suzette were, “You have opened something that was stuck in our church today. It was something that God opened like a well.” People wept at the altar call. As they took holy communion, God simply started healing the people. All kinds of healings: knees, kidneys, backs, legs and several other illnesses.

After the meeting, a few people told us that it was a life-changing meeting for them. A teenager, 13 years of age, came to the book table to buy Suzette’s book on prayer. It was encouraging to see the hunger of the next generation.

Glory to God!