“Would you come and pray?” – Norway

Would you come and pray?

‘He is desperate… he does not have long to live,’ they said when they asked us to go and pray for him. To such an urgent request we of course responded. At home we found a man that was truly a “prodigal son” as far as his faith was concerned. Even more severe was his son sitting aside on the sofa. ‘I am angry with God, if He even exists,’ he said. But the Author of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ, also came for them and the Holy Spirit gently touched their hearts as we spoke to them and gave them the clear understanding of the Gospel. Both invited Jesus into their lives as Lord and Saviour.

Midnight sun!

Although the weather was very cool, yet the midnight sun was shining bright even at 11:45pm. I heard a voice calling my name just before I entered the hotel. Behind me stood a young woman. I remembered her clearly from the night before. ‘I will not accept Jesus,’ she said. ‘I gave up all faith.’ Now she stood in front of me. ‘Will you pray with me?’ she asked. I put down my handbag and there with the sun shining upon us the Son of Righteousness came into her life!

Outreach in the Village

Stefan and Heike joined the group that had an outreach at the small shopping mall in town. Although small even so, it was reaching those they could not reach any other way.


Many tears flowed, many people being touched by the Spirit of the Lord, many healed and set free and many again ignited by the Fire of the Holy Spirit to burn bright for their Lord. It was not the masses we reached but it was the needy and broken hearted with a deep hunger and thirst after God. And He who is faithful once again poured out waters on those that are thirsty…