The other side of the stone – Part 2

On the side where Jesus is standing, there are all kinds of activity – there is life and air. It is bright and there is no rotting decay. However, there are other emotions at play here.

Imagine now, here is Jesus at the tomb, when suddenly, Martha appears and accuses Jesus, “If only you had been here, this would not have happened and he would not have died”. We see the anguish but also a hint of blame – this could have been avoided if you had responded sooner.

Jesus quietly answers her and says, “Your brother will rise again”. Here, we see the spiritual side coming out. “Oh yes, I know; he will in the resurrection”. How she missed the point, yet this is no different to you and me. How we try to spiritualise situations simply to sound in control, but, deep in our hearts, we don’t really believe it, and we miss what Jesus is doing at that moment in our lives!

Then Mary is told that Jesus is at the grave, and she rushes over as well. As soon as she gets there and sees Jesus, she says to Him, “But Lord if you had only been here”. Oh, how many times does this simple three-letter word ‘but’ keep us from the place that Jesus really wants us to be. But this and but that and but, but, but … yet nothing happens, and we never move on but find an excuse for our unbelief or disobedience.

But the scenario carries on… How does this affect our life? Read more next week in part 3!