Heart for the City Conference – Surabaya

When 38 regions from East Java come together to learn how to pray, to discuss how to go forward in unity and how to pull their young people into reaching their neighbourhood; something is happening. That was the setting of the “Heart for the City” conference.

After I preached on “Unity”, 159 leaders stepped forward. Some of these are mature leaders being seasoned pastors and some are young leaders just starting out on the path of leadership. All of them sharing the same goal; “having God in the City, touching heaven, impacting their surroundings, neighbourhood and impacting earth”.

One by one they put their names in the box held by someone. They cried, prayed and made a fresh commitment to lay their differences aside and work together on projects like cleaning the city, feeding the poor, loving the rejected and many more.

Approximately 3,000 people came that night to worship together and pray in agreement; to declare, proclaim and pray God’s Word in unison.

The next day the conference continued with discussions and projects but Voice in the City was only involved in the first day. It was a wonderful experience, a joy and privilege to see how the Lord impacts an entire region for His glory.