The other side of the stone – Part 3

Remember where Lazarus is and the condition on his side of the stone, and where Jesus is with all the action and how it is on His side of the stone. Now the moment comes in which Jesus does what He does best and is always ready to do – to change darkness into light, to remove death and bring back life, and to reverse the effects of decay to that of fruitfulness and growth. That is where our situation now finds us.

My dear friend, look and see in your heart if there is not a stone that is blocking some form of the power of Jesus in your life. Maybe there is something that has happened and you blame… If only this or that had been different then… Or is there some other stone that you have placed there because of the ‘buts’ that have been used as excuses.

The reasons and excuses, the tears and the accusations did not impress Jesus nor bring Him to do something any sooner. He came and spoke a word into the dark hole called the tomb, in which lay the decomposed body of Lazarus, and out of that word came life and resurrection, which not only changed the life and destiny of Lazarus, but also affected those who were watching as well as those who later heard about the miracle.

Jesus wants to do the same for you – He no longer wants you to have the side of the stone that is dark and smelly, He will (and longs to) speak a word of authority into your situation in order to change your destiny. If there is decay, just as with Lazarus, Jesus is the only one who can bring health and full restoration.

The choice remains with us! Will we move the stone away so that Jesus can speak into our situation? I want to encourage you and tell you that there is no reason to live on the side of the stone like the dead Lazarus did, but, there is every reason to live life in the fullness of the authority of the spoken word of Jesus in your life.