Who is Jesus for you?

Who is Jesus for you?” We were asked this question as the VitC team:

So often we hear quotes from scripture and especially the Psalms of who Jesus is and what David’s relationship was with God.

Looking on a personal level and asking myself this year who Jesus really was to me, removing all the spiritual jargon and phrases and coming to the fact of reality in my life, with all the 2023 has thrown its way, and there have been many curve balls this year, and as I write this, I am still facing many more ahead.

I have come to know Jesus as my constant – He has always been there never changing, never looking away a single moment but He has been intensely involved in every area of my life, with His full support and love and guidance through it all! To sum it up in one

sentence Jesus has been my constant strength, healer, deliverer, provider and most of all He has been an ever-present help. In the good, the bad and the ugly He has remained constant!


Jesus Christ is one who loves me much more than I can know, but one thing I know is that to continue to experience His love for me is the greatest thing that happens to me.


This year brought changes in my surroundings that have influenced my life and my range of movement. For this reason, my view has changed somewhat too – not only to see the great things the Lord is doing e.g. in the nations and through the ministry, but also to see more of what the Lord is doing in the details of my everyday life.

My heart is filled with so much gratitude! There has not been one day where He has not been faithful, providing or performing miracles. He has been guiding, protecting, helping me and so much more! It has become almost a habit to discover at the end of a day what the Lord has done today in my life and close environment and how He answered prayer. What may seem small to others, is not small to me. A helping hand on a loaded day, a sudden opportunity to share His love, protection in the situation of my car being damaged. His Word speaking directly in a situation, peace in midst of impossibilities. Finding a lost item, a parking space in an overfull car park, provision as not expected. Everyday something else. All thanks and honour to the Lord! He does wonderful things, nothing is too big or too small for Him.


There have been some ups and downs in our family this year and whether we are in a dark valley and see no way out or have a lot to celebrate, Jesus remains the same: faithful by my side.

What I have experienced so often in my life is that Jesus really does stand by HIS Word. Regardless of how I feel, what I have achieved or not – HIS Word is valid (for all time).


Who Jesus is to me? He is my saviour in need and the One who gives me purpose in life.

At the age of 14, I was suffering emotionally. I felt worthless, without any special talents, and thought I was insignificant. Everything changed when a preacher spoke at Easter about how unique and special each person is. He emphasized that God has given everyone individual gifts and talents to use them for greater things. At that moment, I felt my heart beating faster and a longing growing within me for more. After the event I shared everything with my father, who then prayed for me. God gave me a joy that I had never known before, and I realized that this joy could only come from the Lord. From then on, I knew that I was not useless and that I have a purpose in life.


Jesus means so much to me. He is such a special gift from God and He is there for me at every moment. Recently, Jesus has been my peace through the storm. I have felt His presence so strongly at times, giving me the physical and emotional strength, I have needed for each day. One of my teenage boys has been struggling with his mental health over the past few months. When it first came to light, living day to day was so hard, trying to support him. He is still in a difficult place, but we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Jesus has walked each step alongside us, and given me a peace knowing that all will be well. Jesus is my peace and can be yours too in any storm you may be going through. Let Him draw alongside you and be your peace this Christmas season.


Jesus means so much to me and if I look back at this year then I can say that Jesus is my helper and my carrier.

I faced some really difficult situations I have never experience before and I thought my world would in some parts fall apart. But Jesus was the person I daily run to and I can truly say he carried me through. There were moments where I could not walk or think straight, and I felt how Jesus grabbed me on the journey and carried me for that time. He has shown himself strong in my weakness and I can´t say enough how grateful I am how Jesus has turned things and reports around for our and my good. I love you Jesus.