Will you do it again?

Written by Dr Rev. Suzette Hattingh

God asked “Will you do it again? Will you go through the land and raise up prayer again for the Nation of Indonesia like you did in 1994-1997?”

I instantly recognised the voice of the Lord I knew what He asked of me, but could I do it? Out if that request the prayer tour in 14 cities was born called “Indonesia Dihatiku” (Indonesia in my heart) a prayer and worship night, calling the body of Christ into united prayer for the upcoming elections that are to take place in February 2024.

Surabaya 24/01/21

It can almost be compared to one-night crusades, prayer, worship, preaching and above all, uniting the people present and online to pray in faith, believing for Gods divine intervention during the election itself.

Even more remarkable is the fact that it seems after each city prayer night, leaders gather to continue praying together for the land.

Behind the scenes it was a massive administrative task, setting up 14 committees, finances, long flights, booking in and out of hotels and believing God for the impossible.

Now at the end of the tour after the14 cities, we look back and see that the attendance either at the venue or online combined we reached 181,846 people / families that we know about. Only heaven will be able to record how many more were inspired to raised up prayer in their prayer groups or impact their community to spend more time in prayer for the land and the Nation.

Solo 23/12/01

It was much more than just “The nation in our heart” it was us focussing back on God with a fresh passion for prayer.

Balikpapan 23/12/09

Makasar 23/11/24

Manado 23/11/22

Jakarta – 23/11/17