Relevant Frankfurt Connect – 18-11-23

by Kaleb Negassi

On November 18, 2023, our seventh Frankfurt Connect took place at the Feg Gemeinde. The evening was led by the Holy Spirit from beginning to end, touching the hearts of the youth.

We had 130 participants from different churches, along with many helpers who assisted us throughout the day.

The day began with an icebreaker, followed by a powerful worship time and an extremely blessed sermon. Kaleb (Vitc) ensured a relaxed start with the game “Bring me an item,” where youth had to quickly bring a specified object, and the last person was eliminated. The participants’ ambition was unmatched. Afterwards, we experienced a strong worship time, marked by God’s blessing. During this time, one could feel God touching the hearts of the youth, and His presence was evident.

Following the worship, Benjamin (VitC) delivered a compelling sermon on the theme “A Voice in the Desert,” drawing inspiration from Luke 1:15-17. He explored the concept of God’s power of attraction, the significance of being a “voice in the desert”, and the restoration of families. Benjamin’s message delivered with humour with revelations from the Word of God resonated with the youth. Consequently, 20 individuals responded to the altar call, driven by a deep-seated desire to intercede for themselves and their families.

After the prayer, we transitioned into a time of fellowship, where conversations and testimonies were shared.

We express heartfelt gratitude to every youth leader and helper for their dedication to this generation. Frankfurt Connect goes beyond being a mere event; it is discipleship. As a continuation, starting from November 21, we are starting a four-week discipleship course, with over 10 individuals registering on that evening. May this endeavor bear fruits, nurturing a generation of committed followers of Jesus.