New Keys for Norway

We honour God for His Word that was delivered last weekend through Suzette in Sarpsborg at a conference in Troens Ord.

On the first evening Suzette preached a sermon not only for the church and the ones who joined by livestream, but also for the country starting with Joshua 3 v 4: “… you have not passed this way before”. It was a strong message from the Lord where she challenged Norway. “Norway, do you really want revival? Are you prepared to let God be God, when He wants to bring revival and how He wants to bring it? Or do we say, we want revival, but please do it our way and how it is comfortable for us? Why shall God give you revival? Because you pray? Because you believe? Because you work hard? The only reason why God would bring revival is to fulfil the great commission!”

Suzette taught that Norway needs to press in for new keys as a revival cannot be copied! She did this through the story of Isaac in Genesis 26 and by using other examples from the Bible as well as examples of men and women who were used by God to bring revival. Revival will also not happen by seeking revival, nor by seeking signs and wonders, but by seeking God! Where His presence is, everything changes! Undoubtedly, this was an evening with deep impact!

We thank God also for the other meetings on Saturday and Sunday filled with deep revelation. On Sunday evening when Suzette was supposed to preach, something very unusual happened. Suzette came to the microphone and said while it was being broadcast live by “Kanal 10” that God had not given her a message. The evening was turned into a wonderful prayer evening with about 2,200 people joining via livestream and praying the vision for Norway from Isaiah 35. Glory to God!

A heartfelt thank you to pastors Remi and Alice and their team and to all the ones who stood with us in the gap for this conference!