Cape Town to the Glory of God

On the first night Suzette ministered powerfully, breaking the moulds of religion and challenging the people to enlighten and strengthen their prayer lives again. Many people rushed to the altar and made right with the Lord, repenting about neglecting their prayer lives.

The Lord had a completely different plan with these people and really ministered to them in a way that they needed Him to minister to them. Prayers of repentance flowed during the afternoon session as He touched on subjects like pride, secularism and control.

The evening worship was led by Tracey Carter in a powerful way and really ushered the presence of the Lord into the meeting. People were set free from worshipping God for self and they began focusing their worship on being a pleasure unto God. Suzette emphasised that healing, deliverance and miracles were to be expected whenever one is truly worshipping from the heart.

The conference ended with an extended morning service. Suzette taught on how to flow from the inner room of prayer into the outflow thereof, whether in preaching, teaching, evangelising or just praying for loved ones, as well as the 4 different kinds of intercession. Many intercessors and leaders received new insights and revelations, understanding that prayer has many forms and how one should respect these forms and allow them to flow into the Body of Christ.

We are happy to announce that we have completed our last leg of the filming project capturing 24 sessions of powerful teaching, impartation and real-life stories done by Suzette. We want to thank Tracy and Paul Tredrea for the wonderful work they did. Please keep them in your prayers as they will start with the editing of the recordings.

Last, but not least, we want to thank our faithful prayers partners for standing with us in prayer and financial support during this tour. We truly appreciate you.