Paarl Cape Town touched by Jesus

From the start of the prayer preparation up until the last session, one could see how the boundaries of religion were broken and how the people settled their faith in Jesus. Those boundaries were replaced with a powerful visitation and transformation of Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit.

Gayle preached the uncompromised Word of God throughout the conference and enlightened the people’s hearts with biblical truths. These truly motivated the people to stand firm on Jesus the Cornerstone of our Faith and not water down the Word to fit the cultures of today.

Suzette ministered powerfully and confronted many obstacles as well as preconceived ideas that hindered many to truly understand the supernatural power of God. As the people’s faith grew throughout the conference, the spiritual bondages started to fall away. Many could receive the revelation of how one’s prayer and worship life can be the very source of tapping into the power of God and releasing that into the spiritual realm.

Suzette shared her testimony of how evangelism does not only fit in the mould of lights, stage and microphone but also in the interactions of the everyday people around us.

The conference ended with a Healing Service where many received their healing only during the worship time. Many healings followed where the faith levels of the people increased while the Word was preached on ‘’Why God would heal you’’. A third wave of healing flowed whilst hands were laid on those who still needed healing.

Many people testified about how the veil was torn between from being a religious Christian into a true follower of Jesus Christ. Together with Suzette and Gayle, we as the South African team want to thank you personally for your prayers during this impactful time of ministry in the heart of South Africa.

Our next stop is AFM Helderberg for a three-day Encounter God Conference.

Many blessings

The Voice in the City Team