Let’s walk a mile in the shoes of John the Baptist

“Let’s walk a mile in the shoes of John the Baptist”, that’s how Gayle started her message. John was a unique person with a unique calling. John was great in Jesus’ eyes because he was never great in his own. John’s lifestyle was more questioned than anybody else’s. But Jesus said that he was the greatest person living on earth. Isn’t it that God has made us all unique and gave us a unique calling? But why is it that we wish to walk in somebody else’s shoes? I mean we can do that, but we will sooner or later realise that it isn’t fulfilling us because the shoes don’t fit.

Gayle’s message was a revelation to me and touched many hearts. One thing I really love is that she always shares so many personal stories. She doesn’t let her past dictate what her future will look like but instead uses her past experiences to bless others. She preached powerfully and when she did an altar call at the end 1/3 of the church congregation came to the front. She took the time and prayed for every single person with reverence and the Holy Spirit fell and touched many. Lives were changed and impacted.

God can do the same to you while you are reading this. Let me give you three words that Gayle said. Stand out, stand up and stand strong. It doesn’t matter where your life is bringing you, but you have to always stand out, stand up and stand strong and know that God has made you unique and great. And let your life reflect who you are following.