A blessed time in Joensuu, Finland

FRIDAY NIGHT – A good start to the days that followed
“Your life must be an outworking of what you believe.” That was the important topic of Gayle’s preaching on the first night, a preaching that focused on whether we are ready if Jesus were to come back tonight. This question was aimed at people that have maybe never given their lives to the Lord or to people whose lives – prayer lives, marriages or ministry – are full of compromise. How valuable it was to see people responding to the call of God! Many thanks to all our prayer partners that prayed with us for these meetings!

SATURDAY MORNING – A very encouraging message from Gayle
In the three sessions today, we learned that evangelism is supposed to be a lifestyle. We heard about the reward that evangelism has but also the price it will cost us. It was very encouraging to hear about the different characters of the Bible and how they reached different people through their different styles and different ways. Not everyone is like Peter or Paul – God wants to use all of us in our diversity. Thank you for praying with us. This message really set people free.

SATURDAY NIGHT – at Carelia Hall
Saturday night we were able to use Carelia Hall, a hall that belongs to the university and which is equipped with 600 seats and thus the biggest concert hall in town. After months of preparation and prayer a meeting was held there to reach mainly young people – students. Although the hall was not packed, the message reached people’s hearts!

Mika Poutala, an Olympic ice speed skater testified from his life and then Gayle preached. The main point of her message was forgiveness. “Kill bitterness with forgiveness” – a message almost every person reacted to! Loads were taken off people’s minds and liberation happened.

It would be great if you’d pray with us that this young generation and the students of this city would be reached with the Gospel and that many will find a living faith in the Lord.

SUNDAY MORNING – an urgent message!
Again the topic of evangelism was on Gayle’s heart and the importance to pass on the Gospel. Gayle preached clearly on Luke 14:15-23 and the importance to pass on the Gospel. It could be the last opportunity for someone to hear the good news. God wants to use you! We are very grateful for the time we had in Joensuu and everything the Lord did! A warm thank you also to Pastor Matti, the leadership team and our host family. May the Lord bless you abundantly!