Empowerment Week, South Africa

How can one put into words the dimensions of the Spirit realm. Let me try and explain and put some words to what we have seen and experienced in the Empowerment Week in South Africa.

As many know, this week was planned for last year but due to the thyroid operation and the complications with that, we had to move the week as well as the location. This was indeed a blessing from the Lord. God opened for us a church in Alberton where the lead Pastor Hannes Van Zyl became the chairman of the steering committee. This was a committee that God put together that worked so hard and passionately to coordinate with our Voice in the City team. This organisation made the event possible and we are so thankful for every one of the people involved.

The week started with many, many more registrations arriving to register each day. During the day seminars we had an average of 300-500 people and for the night meetings that were open, an average of between 600-800. For the Wednesday night meeting we topped over 1,100 people and had to bring extra chairs into the auditorium.

God blessed us with a wonderful worship team and we started on the Tuesday night with Suzette ministering! It was the ground laying foundation for the great depths that God was going to take us to. On Wednesday morning, Suzette picked up in the Spirit where we finished the night before. During the afternoon session I ministered and again there was a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. On Wednesday night we had Pastor Ronnie Barnard ministering powerfully. The week continued to increase with the ministry of Suzette and myself and one afternoon session with Bishop Mosa Sono which was excellent. As the increase of the presence of God continued, Suzette did an anointing meeting on Friday afternoon. For me personally this was one of the most powerful meetings I have been in. People were anointed and set free; visions were restored and bodies healed! God was indeed in the house!

Saturday night was an open healing meeting in which the Holy Spirit first addressed the issue of being lukewarm and also many unsaved people came to repentance. At the altar call, two thirds of the people came forward to receive salvation and also to rededicate themselves to God. As this was done, a wave of healing flooded across the auditorium and we saw many healings.

This is a small snippet of what has happened – we can never put on paper what God has done. The lives of those touched and restored will be the testimony for years to come. Please look at our Facebook pages and there you will find many more photos and videos of what happened that week.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed and made this Empowerment Week possible by your prayer and finances! Thank you and God bless you.