From the Mission Fields of Papua – Feb 19

Greetings to you from God’s harvest field in Papua.

In February 2019, the Love Papua Centre, through our Youth Department, Prison Ministry and Children’s Ministry, recommenced outreach to impact people’s lives.

Recently, a team from the LPC travelled to Wapramasi which is a 3 hour drive from Manokwari. On Friday 22nd February the LPC team, supported by volunteers from the local churches, ministered to the children and the young people of the area. The team delivered a whole day of training for the young people using a discipleship programme. They also did an evangelistic outreach and provided children’s ministry.

Praise God, we started the programme at 3.00pm and finished at 7.30pm. Even though there was heavy rain, our young people were so keen to be involved in the discipleship programme and evangelistic outreach. One hundred and three young people enrolled on the programme. The children’s ministry was filled with the Holy Spirit and the joy of the Lord. Eighty children attended the programme.

Elsewhere, in Manokwari prison, the Spirit of the Lord is touching the lives of the inmates. Most of the cells have small groups that meet to pray. We believe that the Word of God is changing people’s lives as the Love Papua Centre team shares the message of the cross in the prison. Every day at 9.00am the inmates organise a morning prayer meeting simply to pray together and furthermore they fast once a month for Manokwari and for Indonesia.

Also, in the city of Sorong, the believers have set up their own city altar for prayer. This is something that Rev Suzette Hattingh initiated together with the pastors and leaders of the city. On 22nd February, they held a City Altar prayer meeting in Sorong for the first time to the glory of God.

The Love Papua Centre is continually thanking God for all He has done and we cannot walk alone in this. Thank you so much as you faithfully support us to impact Papua, Indonesia and the nations.

Together for the harvest
Love Papua Centre