Fire Prayer Conference 2023

Written by Gayle Claxton

Day 1

From 28 – 29 September Rev. Gayle Claxton was invited to Minister at the Fire Conference of the Thrive City Church in Holland. It was a very powerful time in the presence of God, and many responded to the call to renew their fire for the Lord. People were touched, convicted by the Holy Spirit and changed. Even after the services, many people came to Gayle to receive prayer.

At the conference opening Gayle preached on the 4 keys to a Successful Prayer Life.

Determination, focus, specific prayer and most importantly faith!

It was clear to see that if we expect a change in the Spirit Realm and also to be successful in our prayer life, we must be implementing these 4 points on a daily basis.

Day 2

The second meeting the following day, was just as powerful with a strong presence of the Holy Spirit – Ministering on how Jesus fed the 5000 Gayle focused on the fact that Jesus had COMPASSION with the 5000. He was not distracted by the disciples trying to turn the people away. Jesus put the responsibility of feeding the people straight back in the hands of the disciples, challenging them out of their comfort zone. Responding with all that they had a mighty miracle happened. We stand daily on the brink of miracles the moment we start to “feed” people with the word of God we will see transformation around us. Again, many responded to the alter call. We are thankful for all the lives that were touched these meetings and grateful for the privilege to Minister at Thrive City Church, as well as for your continued prayer and financial support to Voice in the City Ministries.

Our prayer life should be successful if we want to see revival.