Relevant Youth Night – 30.09.

by Kaleb Negassi

On Saturday 30th of September, we had a very blessed “Relevant Youth Night”. The theme of the event was “Created, Wanted, Loved” and through this theme we were able to have deep conversations about the challenges of the youth and show them that they are not alone in their struggles. In the evening we had about 50 visitors, with half of them attending for the first time. We started with an ice breaker game, had two worship times, two inspirational inputs, an impactful testimony, a personal question time where they were allowed to share their thoughts anonymously, and finally a surprise guest who rapped for our youth.

The two inputs were given by our esteemed speakers, Rev. Gayle Claxton and Tobias von Stosch. These inputs were not only brief, but also of remarkable depth. After the first input, there was an altar call where 16 youth came forward to be prayed for. Gayle led the prayer for them. Following this, Benjamin shared a personal testimony that was deeply touching and testified of the power of God to set free. Afterwards, we had the opportunity for some personal time where the young people could answer the questions that had been prepared. We separated the boys and girls for this part and collected the completed questioner at the end. These were then randomly distributed by gender so that we could gain insight into the specific challenges faced by boys and girls.

Tobias then gave a moving input about Peter’s denial to Jesus and his later encounter with him. It was about how hard it was for Peter to forgive himself for what he had done to Jesus. After this input, we experienced an extremely blessed worship time. During this time we felt the presence of God as about 35 people got down on their knees and asked God for help.

After the worship time, we had almost reached the end of our program but had have one surprise left. This was our rapper special guest MRK, who brought the evening to life again with his songs “Entfernt” and “Love your Neighbor”. With joy we were released into the community time, filled with the impressions of this special¬†evening.

credit pictures: Pia