„Do we know what day it is?“

On Sunday the 27th of August we experienced a wonderful church service in the KLF church in Frankfurt Germany with a very relevant message from Rev. Gayle Claxton.

Gayle preached on the topic “Do you know what day it is?” in the context of Matthew 10,16-22 and drew a comparison to the current world situation. It is time that we realize in which time we live.

Gayle explained the importance  that are watchful and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. When we don´t understand what He is saying to us then it is possible  that we miss the time and day we are now living in.

These are days where we need to serve the LORD. Where do we find shelter? Where does our strength come from to serve? -> In our deep relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ! Only through that are we able to serve him.

The time is now that we use our opportunities!

– To preach the gospel

– To reach the lost

– To devote ourselves fully to the holy spirit

– To mature in Jesus Christ

So, are you ready to live out Matthew 10,22? Then go and be faithful in your walk with the Lord!

God bless you!