Dreams and Plans

But what happens when we hit a bump on the road that we wished was smooth? What do we reach for then? Do we dig deeper into our natural talents and try to change our situation that way, do we look to the past and try and find a solution there, do we seek the council of others? And so the list could go on. All of these are helpful, but can’t produce the change needed! However what if the bump in your journey has been caused by someone you knew. If you were wrongly accused and never apologized to, hurt and misunderstood – would the dream still go on? Would grace play a part in your healing bringing forgiveness? Would you be able to continue in strength? This is where so many drop the spiritual ball – grace is replaced with frustration, joy with pain, the dream becomes a part of your history and not anymore your future! Please don’t give up! Press in, dig deeper into God and His Word and not your own talent! Forgive and release grace even when it does not make sense look to what the dream, the vision of your life is not was! Take a stand for what you believe in instead of looking back to what you dreamed of! No man, woman, friend or foe can stop the vision in your heart! Only you can either kindle that or extinguish it! Don’t give up!