A powerful time in Sunderland, UK

“Looking back over 30 years of friendship with Pastors Ken and Lois Gott, from the House of Prayer in Europe, we were excited to have the privilege to minister with them in Sunderland again.

As we arrived in Newcastle en route to Sunderland there was an excitement and expectancy in the air as to what God was going to do.

The impact was amazing right from our “drop in” visit into the prayer room that is run every day for 20 hours. Here already the Lord started to minister and speak to His people – this continued through to Friday night where Suzette again ministered in a powerful and uncompromising way – change was in the air.

Saturday morning I ministered and was able speak right into the lives of so many people there. After a short break and Suzette sharing a word with the supporters of the House of Prayer Europe we moved swiftly on into the afternoon session. It was amazing how the message of the morning dovetailed with the message of the afternoon and was once again a clear directive of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday morning Ken and Lois brought all 3 churches into a rented venue for the meeting where Suzette ministered on the “altars of prayer”. Without a doubt this was the highlight of the weekend. All of the meetings are in detail in our new Prayer School material. I am sure you will be blessed and receive the full impact as those did who were in these meetings. As I look back my heart is full of thankfulness to the Lord for what He has done and for friendships that last the duration of the journey!”


“The North East of England is renowned for its extensive history in ship building, mining, sometimes the very cold North Easterly winds that blow across this coastal region along the North Sea and of course it’s passion for football.

We were however about to see a stronger passion and hunger for God in Sunderland as Bethshan Church and the House of Prayer Europe hosted Voice in the City across three days of meetings that would impact, equip and advance everyone that came to further individuals, families and ministries in the purposes of God as Suzette and Gayle ministered powerfully.

The Friday night meeting started the weekend with powerful and intimate worship led by Luke Finch and the band. Hearts were wrapped in attention and revelation as Suzette ministered a strong word revealing that we are called to reign and knowing and praying the heart of the Father and declaring like Jesus, “I only do what I see & hear my Father do!”

On Saturday at the Marriott Hotel Gayle’s prophetic teaching brought insight to many that were there as she unfolded the key principles of what happens en route to our promised land and the struggles and development everyone encounters are very much character building and necessary for us entering into the next dimension God has prepared for us. Indeed conversations were had by people afterwards how this message had really helped them and given them the revelation and understanding to press on.

The Holy Spirit is wonderful how He dovetails things together and the atmosphere all the time was increasing with hunger and again Suzette brought a continuation of what Gayle’s ministry had started earlier that day as the Lord caused the packed conference room to draw deeper in Him and revelation took a grip of everyone as you could sense the stretching being gently applied in and on everyone’s spirit.

The House of Prayer Europe has birthed a lot of community outreach needs and projects through the intercession programs in place and it was a blessing to see people who had given up on pursuing professional careers to pursue God and so to encourage them and challenge them further in their God given calling was we are sure a weekend of impact that will stay with them for a long time.

The Sunday meeting was to be a gathering of the 3 campus sites of Bethshan Church; bringing the Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland fellowships, families and leaders together for a great celebration held at the Lancastrian Suite in Gateshead. Again the worship was so powerful and various healings began to manifest during worship through the word of knowledge.

We thank everyone for praying for this powerful time in the UK. God really touched hearts and challenged and stretched everyone ready, we are sure to “springboard” into the next dimension!”