Authority is not a feeling, but the Word of God in your life

It was a time filled with revelation and knowledge about prayer, authority and the different types of intercession. “Authority is the level of the word of God in your life.” “You will only have as much authority as you have the word of God in your life.” Those statements touched me deeply and showed me that the word of God should be a daily source that I nurture myself from. This is because authority is not a feeling, but the presence of God. That means if God has given me authority then it is to serve so that Jesus will be lifted up.

After every session the book table was literally packed with people. That proved to me that God had touched their hearts and that there is a desire for more of Him. And I don´t mean for more knowledge but to grow more in our personal relationship with Him and to take the position in prayer that God has ordained for His church.

I spoke to a lot of people during those breaks and I was excited to hear all those testimonies. Many of them were sharing that they have known Suzette since 1987 when she and Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke were serving at the Fire Conference in Frankfurt. Thenceforth their lives have been changed. Hallelujah. Praise the LORD!

Thank you to the church “Die Taube” and everyone who was part of that weekend.