This battle was won at the cross of Jesus

Sometimes we make bigger messes than others. Sometimes these are genuine mistakes. Sometimes in our zeal to do what is burning in our hearts, what we share becomes enveloped in “me” and with this comes a tinge of exaggeration. This happens because we are HUMAN.

Having said that, this is where the problem comes in. Let me say that the problem is not with the Lord. For once this is pointed out and dealt with by God, He is a God of forgiveness – even if you trip and fall again on the same point but are ready to repent and change. Please understand that I am talking here of character issues and not immoral sin such as something so big that it needs intervention through counselling. It is what we should maybe call unintentional sin. It is something that we have said or done but not out of malice. Sometimes we sin before we even think and that comes mostly out of our mouths. That is what I am referring to.

So if the problem is not with God then who is the problem with?

Most times the problem is with your accuser – the person or people who call themselves followers of Jesus and do great things for the Lord in their sphere of life and yet they judge you, pointing the finger of destruction and playing judge and jury. They do not accept that God can actually do something good through you, and so they make it their job to search and devour everything you do. They begin to place themselves as your judge, forgetting that they too are forgiven and have just as many mistakes. But it gives them a sense of power over you. Unless you repent the way that they want you to then they still continue to try and destroy. The key is to overcome the accuser – by recognition of your mistakes time and time again, taking the necessary steps before God and man and then moving on!

Let’s not blame the Church for all our difficulties. Let’s not blame the people of God. But let’s rise above the voice of the accuser by humbling our hearts, asking for forgiveness and then putting the issue under the blood of Jesus. Because if HE has forgiven you, then they have no right to continually try and destroy you by suggesting that the only way forward is to lose everything or even by suggesting that you have a “strange spirit and possible psychological disorder”.
The key to dissolving bitterness is to live forgiveness and trust in the Lord to accept you even if you have messed up. Keep working with the Holy Spirit even if it takes a lifetime!

For it was at the cross that this battle was won. At the cross is where Jesus’ blood has flowed for us. At the cross is where we see and experience the completion of salvation and are accepted by a Saviour who gave everything – more than any accuser has ever given you!

This is a new day! A new hope, a new opportunity, a new future in Jesus!

Rev Gayle Claxton