The window of our soul

Our eyes are often referred to as the window of our soul. It is with our eyes that we see things and then decide to go one way or another. It is our “eyes” that influence the thoughts that we may or may not have about people, things or events.

We all know that a small speck in the eye can cause major irritation. It can also hinder our view, therefore not allowing us to see the full picture in front of us. Just as much as a cloud blocks the sun or a thorn of insignificant size can cause tremendous pain, it is the same with the “small sin” that blocks or shadows our view or the perfect plans and purposes of God in our lives.

What are the clouds or the small thorns that are causing this hindrance? May I suggest that it could be unbelief, anger, unforgiveness, jealousy or even pride? It is these things that make our life uncomfortable – no, these attitudes won’t kill or destroy us, but they will make life miserable just like a small speck in the eye makes life and seeing uncomfortable.

If only we could recognise that the “heart” is affected and influenced by the eyes. Just as it is true that walls can be built in many ways – larger or smaller stones, the material is irrelevant – what counts is the outcome. The more we allow the smaller things in life to cloud our view, the outcome will be the same. We will be miserable and not walking in the fullness that God has already provided for us.

So the question to us all is: “What is the condition of our eyes?” “What is the state of our heart?” Today is a new day… Remove the small things in life that we might think are insignificant but are causing us to be miserable. Clean up and change our attitudes towards others, and life will be seen through eyes that are not clouded. Rather, we will walk in the rays of HIS sunshine.

(picture: PBertoyePhoto_Hazel_Eye_HD)