Thanksgiving October – What our team is thankful for…

As many cultures in Europe are reflecting on things they are grateful for this month, we have asked the Voice in the City team in Europe to do the same. Our team is made up of people from different walks of life, ages, countries and languages. With a culture of sharing testimonies, encouraging one another and praying for each other, we have compiled a rich bunch of stories. Below we share a few of them. We pray this encourage you today. Let us be thankful unto our Lord!

Suzette Hattingh

The thing I am most thankful for is new beginnings! The greatest encouragement for me is when God said, “Behold, I make all things new,” and “My mercies are new every morning.”

Yesterday is gone. Let us start anew today!

That we have seen over and over again this year in VitC – new programs were birthed by the Spirit of God and bring young people, prostitutes or the rejected from the harvest fields of Papua to Jesus!

As we are believing for new dimensions in faith, training, and outreach, when times are hard, I watch the sunrise with a deeply thankful heart knowing a new day has begun…

Gayle Claxton

Thankfulness is a condition of the heart that displays complete contentedness in our situation. It is a choice to make each day, and as that new day dawns and I am able to open my eyes and have breath to say, “Good morning, Jesus,” for me to choose that no matter what life throws at me, I will be thankful that

1) I don’t go through the difficulties alone  

2) I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

3) I have the ability to make choices according to the Word of God in me, and the depth of my prayer time that morning

4) my relationship with the Trinity is the central point of my life and therefore also central in every need, every difficulty, and in the things I don’t understand. In addition to that, it is also central to every victory, all my provision, and everything good that happens in my life. In Him I live, and move, and have my being!  

5) the obedience of Jesus makes all the above possible. For salvation I am so very thankful!

Jackie Eames

I had been praying and longing for some time for an opportunity to widen my ministry in Jesus and to deepen my Christian walk and experience a greater Christian love for others.  Late last year I was close to being made redundant but God stepped in and gave me such a peace that He was in control. An admin post in the Voice in the City UK office greatly excited my spirit, and earlier this year, I joined the VitC family.  Serving alongside and building the Kingdom of God with our amazing team is such a privilege. 

I am so grateful to God for all He is doing in and through me and how He is bringing me closer to Him.  Thank you Lord!!

Heike Staiger

I am so thankful that we have the Word of God! Even though the times we are living in, are not easy in the visible, our Lord and God is unchanging and His Word stands firm for all time! Whether it storms or rages, whether there is darkness or fog, whether challenges or mountains are before us – His Word remains and His Word carries.

Isaiah 65:16 speaks about “the God who fulfils His promises”. So it is – and for that I am so thankful!

Elana Shaw

This year I am so grateful for a Constant God who does not change when our circumstances change. The eternal Truth of His Word as a comfort and guide throughout all the seasons of my life, is such a great gift. I am thankful for a God-fearing husband, friends and family – people who uphold me with their solid counsel and support, who do not waver to speak the truth in love, and who direct me towards the Lord when life wants to throw me off course.

Benjamin Fech

I am especially thankful for my wife and our wedding this year.  We had some challenges and uncertainties beforehand…

Two months before our wedding, my wife’s wedding dress was still in Ukraine, and because of the war we had major trouble to get it to Germany in time. God made a way through a friend of mine and we are extremely grateful that the dress arrived on time!

Another thing we earnestly trusted for, was good weather. The weather forecast for the wedding day didn´t look good at all with 90% chance for rain.  In faith that God would do a miracle,  we did the entire set up for the ceremony outside, and we truly experienced God’s grace. Not one single drop of rain fell and we were able to say our “I do’s” beneath an open sky. It was an unforgettable day! I got to marry the woman of my dreams in the presence of family and friends, and it could not have been more beautiful. For that I am so thankful unto God.

Samara Föhlisch

I’m so thankful for everything God has done in my life this past year! I am most grateful for how He is healing my heart, giving me new hope, bringing me so much closer to His heart and teaching me that He does what He says.