Summer Conference Finland 2023

Written by Virginia Fech

Finland – What an amazing time we had in this beautiful nation.

Both Suzette and I were invited to be the main speakers at the Summer Conference that was attended from people from all over Finland as well as the thousands from other Nations that joined via the live stream. God started at the foundations of where many people have found themselves at this moment in time, and then each meeting built upon the next with solid Bible teaching and then as the word says signs and wonders followed the preaching of the Word. The closing meeting was amazing as everyone present and across the globe took Holy Communion together – it was powerful and then in that atmosphere every person in the church and sitting in the overflow was anointed with oil. The presence of God was tangible! We are thankful to God for what He has done in Finland for and with His people. As Suzette and I sat on the plane on our way back to Frankfurt our hearts were full and we both said, “Thank you Holy Spirit”. Mission accomplished!

by Dr Gayle Claxton

Day 1

The summer conference in Finland, Seinäjoki has begun! We are excited to be a part of this!

Suzette opened the conference with a wonderful word about „let it rain“. Suzette ministered from 1.Kings 17:1-9 where we read about Elijah and saw that breakthroughs always start with change.

A Change in us. If we truly want to see God moving, then we must let go of what has happened in the past and be open for the new things God has for us.

Suzette shared testimonies and experiences from the mission field that really touch the people and made it clear that „before the fire can come, we have to go through a time of preparation.” You might ask yourself What does this look like?

Session 1: Suzette opening the Summerconference in Seinäjoki, Finnland. Sermon starts at minute 46:52.

Day 2

The second day continued in full power. Gayle taught us in a deeper sense how important it is that we understand our God given calling and how to apply it. In her message titled „is there still a job for me in the vineyard of God“ she pointed out the different reactions of the two sons based on the parable from Matthew 21:28 and focused again on the topic of “revival.” We are all children of God and we have received a calling from Him in which we should walk. Not sometimes but today because the harvest is ripe. When we walk only in the experiences of the past we weaken the power of the gospel. We shouldn’t ask God for revival if we are not ready to sit with the lost.

The preaching has challenged and caused many to check their hearts, to set a new focus and to walk in what God has called us to.

Session 2: Gayle talks about „is there still a job for me in the vineyard of God“. Sermon starts at minute: 29:39.

3th Session

Suzette ministered and had a powerful message.

She shared about Asmat, Indonesia and showed us through a short video what God has done in this city.

Suzettes focus of this message was the power of forgiveness.

Jesus taught us in the Lord’s Prayer that we should forgive as the Lord has forgiven us. Ministering with her focus the finished work of the cross. Jesus has forgiven everything from the moment where Adam and Eve have sinned until the moment when he will return. Indeed everything.

Many were moved received revelation of the meaning of the words uttered at the cross by Jesus „TETELESTAI“ it is finished! Jesus has forgiven us – we are free from our past!

Session 3: Suzette speaks about forgiveness. Sermon starts at: 1:29:39.

Day 3

In the fourth session Gayle was Ministering on the topic of discipleship.

In Matthew 4:19 Jesus challenges us with the words: “Come follow me.” Discipleship is a ministry that everyone of us as Christians should be living. It is our responsibility. When we don’t practice the principles of discipleship then the church does not grow.

There are too many souls that are still lost. They need an authentic demonstration discipleship through us that will bring them the gospel.

Discipleship can only be lived with a complete dependency on Jesus. In our own strength we are not able to do it, however through Jesus we are able to live in the authority He has given us.

And again … Jesus tells us: “Come follow me.”

Session 4: Gayle speaks about discipleship. Sermon starts at: 40:49.

Day 4

5th Session

Gayle started with her Message with the topic „when we walk with God then we walk by faith and not by sight“.

Gayle started with her Message with the topic „when we walk with God then we walk by faith and not by sight“. Gayle showed us through the word in Genesis that Abraham as the father of faith followed God in obedience. He went without compromise following the plan and knowing that God has sent him. He didn’t know where he was going, how long it would take and when he would arrive. He simply took the step and went in faith. He took his all his possession and left everything behind because he knew he would not be coming back! This is active faith and faith in our lives can only happen when we also step out and move in the direction God has for us.

How big must our faith be? – only as big as a mustard seed.

We must understand that leaving our comfort zone allows to start walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.

So, don’t let go of what God has told you. Hold onto it, stay focused and follow him!

6th Session

Suzette ministered on the topic of the „blueprint of God“.

For every single one of us God has a unique blueprint for our lives – even before we were born. This is seen clearly in Psalm 139:16.

Our almighty Father has wonderful plans for us.

· A perfect plan that only we can accomplish.

· A perfect plan to build His kingdom.

· A perfect plan in which God wants to lead us into our calling

Nobody can stop this plan! Unless we decide in our own will to go against it.

As God has this wonderful plan for our life, we need to be aware that Satan tries everything to stop us. Through our own people (family, friends …), compromise with sin, circumstances, or frustration.

We have the strength through God to resist him if we stay close to God and follow Jesus Christ.

Let us run in the blueprint of God and fulfil the call that we all have received. Lest we stand one day before God, see the original blueprint, and realize that we missed the plans God has for us.

God will lead us when we follow Him.

Our God is greater!

Session 6: Suzette speaks about „blueprint of God“. Sermon starts at: 1:01:54.

7th session

Late night youth service

The church was filled with the youth and the young of heart.

In this message Gayle shared with the youth in a humorous and moving way her testimony and exposed again the topic of “faith“.

She explained to us the real importance to seeing God active in our lives. She spoke about determination, devotion, discipline, pure attitude, and faith which we should have when we walk with God.

In all of that she shared with us about three levels of faith:

· Little faith: “I know God you can, but I don’t know how!“
( Your focus on the problems not Jesus)

· Great faith: “I know God you can, and you will do it!”
(You focus back on Jesus.)

· Perfect faith: “Whatever will happen, my life is in the hands of the almighty God and I trust Him.“
(To have faith knowing it is done)

The youth were filled with a new zeal and really moved and encouraged by Gayle´s testimony.