School of Evangelism Karlsruhe

The expectation in the room was tremendous; young and old from different countries were present. Three hundred people packed the hall, as Reinhard Bonnke’s “School of Evangelism” began. 
As always, there was a full panel of speakers from different angles of evangelism, all of whom were powerful in their different experiences, capacities and callings; and yet all of whom were totally focussed upon the one main topic – reaching the lost.

I was greatly honoured to be part of it, and in my sessions dealing with – authority, prayer, intercession and evangelism – I could share my years of experience in preparing the outreaches and then preaching the wonderful Gospel itself. The whole ‘School’ was a time of impartation, encouragement, prayer and teaching. It was truly doing what the Word of the Lord says “equipping the church … to take up the Great Commission”.


We had wonderful and impressive four days. To experience one of the most amazing and most fiery and passionate evangelists live and to learn from the experience of CfaN is a defining experience.

Despite his 75 years, Pastor Reinhard Bonnke radiated still the same passion when it comes to reaching the lost, as in past decades.

The team of CfaN and the guest speakers devoted themselves totally to the three hundred participants of the School of Evangelism in order to pass on both practical experience, as well as to motivate through impressive testimonies and also impart burning passion for the lost.

Suzette taught two units that built upon each other. The key aspect of her message was that only that which we have received in the presence of the Trinity at the altar in prayer and have then released by speaking and proclaiming into the spiritual world, will we see implemented in reality. There must be a balance between prayer and relationship with God in the Holy of Holies on the one hand and action on the other hand.

Personally, I am very blessed by these days. I am convinced that this training has an important impact on participants and will bring change to Germany and to the ends of the earth.