Relevant – Open Air Youth Night

One part of the vision for Relevant, is to reach young people through evangelism. So, we decided to step outside the “church walls” and to go out to a place where young people spend their time…

We hosted an Open Air worship and evangelism night on the 15th of July in collaboration with other churches in Frankfurt. The evening was amazing and we believe it has greatly impacted in our city.  We preached the gospel through drama, by sharing testimonies and in personal conversations, and we saw God touching many lives.

We witnessed a life-altering miracle where a man with severe pain in his back got 50% better and started to dance around during the worship with us – something that would have caused him tremendous pain previously. Many came to us to share that they sensed an atmosphere of peace and that they were blessed by listening to us. We could pray for many individuals and with some we had deep conversations about God. There was a beautiful openness for the gospel and we could sense a desire for truth among the young people.

Much fun was had by all during the flash mob and bystanders and onlookers all joined in and danced with us as we worshipped God fiercely. We believe that this night has marked and changed many lives.

The Relevant Team would like to thank everyone who was involved and who helped us to organize the Open Air Youth Night. We believe that Frankfurt belongs to God and that we will see the youth turning to Jesus. This was only the start – greater things are yet to come!