Prophetic Prayer Conference – Jakarta

The banner clearly declared the purpose of the conference “Prophetic Prayer Conference”. Being the main speaker and just seeing the banner in itself gave me joy! Yes, it is indeed time for us to learn to pray “prophetically, calling those things that are not as though they are”. (Rom 4:17). It is time to enter that place of worship and then start proclaiming and praying from a place of worship, revelation and inspiration! Oh that God’s people would not only pray the problems but the answer, say what God has to say about the situation and that you can only do with the Word of God.

The morning sessions were training while the afternoon was broken up into workshops which are an excellent way to teach, train and equip. The last day we prayed for approximately 1,200 people one by one; imparting, sharing, praying and believing. In the midst of that many testified of being healed!

A woman testified of years of heart problems, with another also testifying of liver problems being healed and many more. Yes, Jesus is a healer, deliverer and part of our job as evangelists is to equip the body of Christ.

That night I went to bed, tired from having prayed with the team one by one for those that wanted prayer, yet I was deeply thankful for His goodness. From 17th June – 8th July, I ministered to approximately 7,700 people, leading many to Jesus and many also making new commitments as well as training and releasing and in the midst of that Jesus healed many of their sicknesses and pain, truly touching heaven and impacting earth.