Powerful Ministry in Tübingen, Germany

We were the weekend 11th & 12th March, in Tübingen (TOS Gemeinde Tübingen e.V.) where we had some amazing meetings with Suzette as she ministered powerfully the Word of the Lord. To be able to write in words what the Lord did does injustice to the Holy Spirit so we have included the links where you can watch these meetings but one thing that was truly amazing is how the people were so hungry for the presence of the Holy Spirit and for change in their lives and our Nation.

(Rev. Gayle Claxton)

“On both days the sermons of Suzette were powerful. They have touched me deeply. I hope that this word will bring true change in me. Thank you so much!!”

(Testimony from the livestream)

Foto credits: TOS Gemeinde Tübingen e.V.

Watch here the powerful messages from Rev. Suzette Hattingh!