“If I die, I die.”

By Samara Föhlisch

“If I die, I die.” Esther 4:16 NLV

How many of us can say and mean these words when it comes to faith? 

Those are not easy words to say, but Queen Esther said and meant them!

She was prepared to lay down her life, if necessary, just to have a chance to speak with the King in an attempt to save her people – a really big decision!

Esther was afraid

That all sounds great and brave and it really was! But let’s talk about the fact that Esther was afraid at first, and even considered not doing anything because the King hadn’t called for her in thirty days.  She was afraid of what could happen to her, going uninvited to the King’s inner court. In her position, I also would have been afraid! It really wasn’t an easy decision…

Esther was probably a teenager when she was brought into the Palace, and she became Queen at a very young age. She was taken from her cousin whom she saw as a father, brought to an unknown place, and suddenly all her dreams for the future were taken away from her! I think I would have been really mad and frustrated in her place…

But she trusted her Lord

What I really admire in the story of Esther is how she trusted the Lord and kept everything her father told her deep in her heart! She knew her God and she knew that He could do all things – and still can!

She was away from home, living with strangers. She had to completely hide who she really was – a Jewish girl, who gave up her real name, Hadassah. She was constantly under pressure from the other girls while preparing herself to stand in front of the King. But she never forgot the truth about the Lord she knew in her heart! She held on to it and did everything to stay true to her principles, even having to hide her true identity!

God could have used anyone else to save His people, but He called Hadassah to do it!

“Do not think that you in the king’s special house will live any more than all the other Jews. 14 For if you keep quiet at this time, help will come to the Jews from another place. But you and your father’s house will be destroyed. Who knows if you have not become queen for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:13-14 NLV)

God prepared the way for her to become Queen of one of the most important kingdoms of her time and gave her a voice louder than the voice of any Jew, but the decisive thing in the story was her decision to hear the calling the Lord had for her, being bold and trusting Him for the best, prepared to lose her life!

The story of Hadassah really inspires me to trust and believe! How often in the past did I find myself trying to find excuses to not do what God called me to do?

I’m too young, too shy, too unprepared, don’t have enough experience, I’m not that important to do something that important, I don’t have the resources – don’ts, and’s and no’s…

How often do we miss chances or even blessings because of being afraid or believing the lies the devil puts in our minds every day?

We see in Esther’s story that age, experience and resources don’t matter, but what does is the decision to hear the call, to take a step in faith even if everything else seems to be wrong or impossible!

She was prepared to lay down her life if that was what needed to be done to save her people…

Are you prepared to live for Him?

I’m not saying you need to do the same! But are you prepared to give up what is so important to you to do what God wants you to do? Are you prepared to go all-in in faith and trust that He has the best for you? Are you prepared to die to yourself and live for Him?

May the story of Hadassah inspire you to trust and believe in God’s perfect plans!