My shoes – my way

How often have you asked yourself the same question? Are you sometimes full of doubt, thinking that every person around you is blessed and only your race is so difficult? Sometimes, we would prefer to wear the shoes of someone else instead of walking in our calling, given by God. Often, we forget that God has made us unique and that our task is equally unique. Consequently, we should run in our responsibilities and not our rights. John understood this principle and prepared the way for the King of kings to move in.

Gayle preached in German this time and refrained from using an interpreter. Everyone was excited and her message was received very well. Towards the end, the worship team was still playing in the background and Gayle invited people to come forward who felt challenged and needing prayer. Many came forward and received deliverance and blessing and invited Jesus into their lives for the first time. Many people were changed and came to the book table and bought Gayle’s new book ‘100 Devotions’ and other products. “This preaching was for me” is what we heard several times during the afternoon.

Glory to God that He blessed and touched so many people during our last time of ministry in a church for this year.

We wish you a blessed Christmas season.