Kingdom Invasion Singapore

Pondering about it in my heart, I just kept it to myself. One week later the invitation arrived, asking me to be a speaker at the conference. I knew it was God and thus arranged the programme as such.

What an amazing conference it was, with speakers like Heidi Baker, Ed Silvoso, Bill Johnson, Lou Engle and others. We were in for a feast at the table of the Lord.

Daily the hall filled with approximately 3,000 people and the last meeting went up to an amazing 7,000 in attendance. To my surprise, I had the opportunity to do three seminars. Truly this was in the plan of God. Bringing understanding in STANDING BEFORE GOD on behalf of the people and SPEAKING ON THE BEHALF OF GOD in authority over the nations! Reigning with Christ, seated in heavenly places. Oh, the joy of preaching God’s word! It excites me!

Papua invading Singapore!

Soon the vision grew in my heart to take my team and 13 pastors with us from Papua to the conference! – an expensive dream and logistically quite difficult as many of them have no birth certificate, never mind a passport.

Yet the day when 44 people boarded that aeroplane with their “Love Papua” t-shirts on, I knew God had a plan for new dimensions! Only partly by sponsorship could we do it! The vision was not only to receive at the conference but also to fellowship, pray and be together for one week!

Truly this was “KINGDOM INVASION” not only as a conference but as a new dimension for those present. Indeed, God is doing new things and He is doing it now…