It is finished!

To many, it was the paradox that they could not understand at that moment in time. Here was the “Saviour of the World” who came to bring life and life everlasting… now dying on a tree at the hands of men who had no fear of the living God.

The mocking, the beating and punishment done by human hands was no match for the destiny and impact that was about to happen, and that would change the world for ever – and with that change, the destiny of all mankind – should we embrace the Saviour of the world.

To some, the words “it is FINISHED” was for them the victory they had planned, to remove Jesus from the pages of history… to prove He was wrong – but for others, it was the beginning of a whole new dimension of life and destiny!

As His side was pierced and blood flowed from Jesus, the power of Heaven was released for you and me. Now we have the chance to walk in the power of redemption – we will only walk in the depth of this when we apply the value of the Blood of Jesus

“The value you ascribe to any given thing will determine the power that flows from it, to it and through it”

As we go into this Easter time let us reflect on the words “it is FINISHED!” and with that, ascribe the value and the potential of the Blood of Jesus to every part of our lives and walk in the victory of the EMPTY tomb.