God did not push the pause button

An encouraging word for this time

It was great to be with our “Darmstadt family” again on Sunday to hear what the Lord placed on Gayle’s heart. Due to Covid-19, numbers were limited, but everybody was welcome to join the live stream.

Gayle shared an admonishing, yet encouraging message from Ephesians 3:20-21. This scripture is well known but new aspects were revealed.

We live in a challenging time and uncertain time, but simultaneously it is a time of preparation. Gayle stressed the importance of building up our spirit, with Jesus alone as our Source. Many things are uncertain and subject to change – except Jesus! He is and remains the same! What’s more, is that God has great things in store for you! He has prepared things – even for the times we are currently facing!

How big is your vision?
Why did God place you in such a time as this?

We were challenged to be a light for the world, to increase the sphere of our influence and to spread the Gospel. God did not push a pause button – even in these unprecedented times He can do so much more than we could imagine! Gayle encouraged us to look for opportunities and use them to reach people. She also shared how she approaches this in practical ways.

We are grateful for this encouraging message that was well-received.
Thank you Jesus and also thanks to all that stood with us in prayer!