Gayle ministers in Norway

Day 1

What a wonderful start of the Event in Storstua, Norway!

Today Gayle spoke about discipleship and the different aspects of it. Jesus speaks in the gospels: “come and follow me” in Matthew 4,19

This is not only an invitation but also his expectation for us and our devotion as Christians. When revival breaks out then we have to be ready to take care of the people and to guide them. And that’s why we need discipleship. In the upcoming sessions will Gayle go deeper into this topic and teach us more. We will continue tomorrow so be part of it via livestream and learn how to unfold discipleship a fresh in your life and to know what you are called for so you can obey God in it. 


Preaching starts at 40:15 min.

Day 2

Day number 2 and two strong teachings from Gayle followed.

The teachings about discipleship continued and it was clear that true discipleship means total Commitment as we can read in Luke 9,23-24. It is the assignment of God for every Christian to go to the world and to preach the gospel! (Mark 16,15)

Only then can we reap the harvest and live discipleship. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few that’s why we all have work in it.

We don’t have an excuse not to do it. The world and the people they need us. God needs us and our Commitment so they can hear about their salvation. He wants to use us so they can encounter him. Let’s make a clear decision to follow Jesus.

At the end of the evening many came forward and received prayer after they had decided a fresh to devote themselves for discipleship.

All glory belongs to the Lord!

Preaching starts at 28:32 min (day 2 – session 1)
Preaching starts at 25:05 min (day 2- session 2).

Day 3

Day number 3 is coming to an end and Gayle completed her sessions about discipleship. She taught us today about how important our faith in God and coming out of our comfort zone is to truly live discipleship.

She connected the topic to the story of Abraham and also the feeding of the 5000 and showed us that he and the disciples had to step out of their comfort zone and give God complete control. Only then could they experience what God had prepared for them. Abraham had to wait until it was visible but he remained faithful. He committed everything and through that a whole nation was blessed.

The disciples had to trust Jesus and to act although it seemed uncomfortable and hopeless. But the wonders and provision only happened when the disciples had decided to take the first steps and to trust god.

Gayle showed us different aspects and characteristics from the disciples and Jesus and it was clear that trust and compassion are important keys for discipleship.

Jesus had compassion when he saw the people. He saw and he acknowledged them. He saw their value and he wanted to take care of them and bring them the truth. If we want to be disciples then we also need compassion to see people in their potential and not in their current state.

Now, how do you see the people standing in front of you? That is the beginning of discipleship.

It was a big blessing to listen to these sessions and to let them sink deep. Every teaching was recorded and is available over our link. Please listen to them and learn more about discipleship and Gods heart behind it.

God bless you!

Preaching starts at 22:56 min (day 3 – session 1)
Preaching starts at 42:07 min (day 3 – session 2)