Last week Dr Rev. Suzette Hattingh together with the Love Papua team went to Asmat. Asmat is in the province of South Papua in Indonesia. The area they went to is a swamp land, there is no public transport as we know with busses and cars, only motor bikes.

They had an amazing time and saw a tremendous harvest of souls. Thank you so much for your prayers and support, you are a shareholder in the harvest!

The first night there was a special meeting for government officials. On the second day an evangelistic meeting was on, but it rained and rained … But God! – He answered the prayers, the rain stopped, and they experienced a very powerful meeting.

On Saturday morning they started the city prayer altar for Asmat and deep reconciliation happened. Something that never happened before. A committee was set up and people committed themselves to join the prayer.

Suzette wrote “The work of an evangelist is never just the crusade itself, the work of the evangelist is also to train the body of Christ and help them to keep flowing in the fire of the crusade that happened after the evangelist is gone! That can only happen if the city has a prayer altar. That was set in Asmat. Prayer at 5 am on Saturday morning.”

On the third evening, they experienced a war in the spirit, a battle fought way beyond eyesight, a war fought with angels on assignment, the powerful blood of Jesus breaking chains and all hell rising to keep captives captive … Only heaven can record the souls, the tears cried in repentance, the hearts finally meeting their Redeemer … Praying for the sick… believing … receiving …

Praise be to God!