Gayle in London, UK

The capital of England London, where we have English royalty, historical building and many years of history. We had the privilege to visit the Voice of Comfort ministry, which is just off the famous old Kent Road. Where we saw a hunger for God and His word.

Friday night was our first meeting where Gayle laid out the introduction for the next two meetings. She started with the fire that would continue to grow all through Saturday and Sunday. She spoke about faith and the cost of faith, the need to place it all at Jesus feet that only in surrender are we free. She sowed the seeds that would grow and flourish over the next two days.

Saturday lunchtime the worship of God was in full swing and the beautiful voices that sang of love to Jesus brought such an atmosphere of worship. This is where Gayle spoke and ministered in such a way that the presence of God was heavy in the building. She shared some experiences about how God got her through some challenging experiences and showed in her humour that life as a Christian might not always be easy but that God loves us that He will never leave or forsake us. She prayed for the hurting and the barriers to be broken in people’s lives, you could see that people were set free from pain and that the love of God set them free.

Sunday morning Pastor Michael Edwards lead us into a prophetic word about new seasons and that we need to keep moving in different seasons so we continue to grow in God. That there is always time and if we don’t keep moving and stay in a season too long we get frustrated which is no good for our walk with God. The whole congregation were on fire and the presence of God was strong in the room, we were ready for Gayle’s word. She challenged us about how we compromise our walk with God to follow the crowd around us. She spoke about how the religious leaders of the time had already made up their minds that Jesus was guilty and Pilate not wanting to cause an uprising followed the crowd. She challenged us to follow God in our walk and have a close relationship with Him, that as Christians we should walk as a light into this world living out God’s love to this world. Gayle then prayed for the sick and people who needed a fresh touch from God, we saw wondrous healings of backs being stretched and strengthened, stomach pain being healed and many more wondrous signs. We left Voice of Comfort with a hunger for God and a fresh touch from the Holy Spirit that will be the start of some wonderful things in London.


We have just come back from the Summer Prayer School hosted by Voice of Comfort International in the very heart of London. Gayle had been invited to be the key speaker at this conference and spoke powerfully over the three days.

Perhaps the most moving talk that Gayle gave was of the man who had been waiting to be healed for 38 years and then Jesus came in humbly through the Sheep Gate and totally transformed his life using just 8 words. Jesus the compassionate Saviour came to do away with any religious system that attempts to enslave us.

Gayle also spoke about the crucifixion and our need to follow Jesus and not the crowd. She highlighted our need as disciples to stop gazing into the glory cloud that Jesus disappeared into and to get on with the commission that He has given us to fulfil.

Pastor Michael Edwards spoke prophetically about God who lives outside of time and who has the ability to change the seasons. He encouraged us to expect God for a new season that would bring about many positive changes in our lives.

Overall, the conference was a great encouragement to all who attended. There was a real sense of responsiveness among the people, particularly on the Sunday when people were challenged to move forward with God and when many were prayed for either for healing or to receive God’s blessing in their lives.